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Organized Cornhole Tournaments in the DMV Area

Cornhole Game Rules

Court Setup:

The Cornhole court can be setup outside in a flat open field or a pavement area that meets the court requirements specified in the diagram below. The court may also be setup indoor as long as it provides the space requirements and 12’ overhead clearance.

Cornhole Court

Starting the Game:

Two step process to start the game: (1) Assigning players to designated “throw areas” and (2) Determining who throws the first bag.

  1. The higher-seeded team either assigns one of its players to a “throw area” or defers to the lower-seeded team. If the higher-seeded team selects one of its players to a “throw area”, then the lower-seeded team assigns both of its players to two of the three remaining “throw areas” (teammates must be on opposite side of the court). The higher-seeded team then assigns its other player to the last “throw area”. If the higher-seeded team defers, then the lower-seeded team assigns the first player to a “throw area”. Then the higher-seeded team assigns both of its players to a “throw area”. The lower-seeded team assigns it last player to the final “throw area”. Once players have been assigned a “throw area”, they cannot change throughout the course of the game.
  2. The higher-seeded team selects which side throws first. The lower-seeded team selects which team/player throws first. The game begins with the first toss of the first turn.


A turn consists of both players from one side throwing all four bags in an alternating fashion. After the first turn to start the game, the player on team that last scored a point throws the first bag for that turn.

Once both players have thrown all four bags then the score for that turn is calculated, see scoring rules for details. No one should touch a bag until both teams agree on the points scored for that turn and tallied it to the overall game score. Once the game score has been tallied then the turn is over and players can pick up bags and start next turn.


The Slider Tournament Scoring system is based on a cancellation scoring system. A bag in the hole is worth 3 points and a bag on the board is worth 1 point. A bag that hits the ground and bounces on the board does not count and should be removed immediately after the throw. A bag must be clearly on the board to gain a point. It must stay on the board if the front of the board is lifted 3”. If a player clearly steps over the foul line then the bag does not count and should be moved immediately.

Upon completion of a turn, total point from each player is calculated. The player with the higher score subtracts the points from the opposing player. The result of this calculation is the score for team with the player w/ the higher score from that turn. If both players have the same score for that turn, then no points are awarded to either team.


The winning team is the first team to reach or exceed the required 21 points and must by win by two.

Note: A game is not over until a turn is completed.